Homogeneous Assay, Betaine, Serotonin Tests Now Available

IVD Technologies has been working on homogeneous assays for use in chemistry analyzers. Conveniently run a variety of assays that were once available in immunochemistry analyzers on chemistry analyzers. The Cortisol Homogeneous assay is now available for clinical and veterinary testing. The assay has been validated on a variety of […]

ISO 17025 Food and Environmental Analytical Lab

IVD Technologies has completed implementation of several FDA BAM and LIB, and AOAC standardized methods for Food and Environmental testing and is now close to completing certification for ISO 17025. Implementation of standardized FDA BAM and LIB methods, as well as AOAC methods are for detection of drugs, dyes, metabolites, […]

Veterinary Insulin RIA Kit Available

The Veterinary Insulin RIA Kit has been developed specifically for Veterinary use. Canine, feline, and equine normal ranges have been established. Visit the Vet Insulin RIA Kit page for more information.

Renal Kidney Fibroblasts – Available Now!

Renal fibroblasts are the exclusive source of extracellular matrix in the kidneys. They are responsible for the synthesis of collagen, fibronectin, and extracellular matrix degrading proteins. These cells are desmin, kidney-specific epithelial cadherin, and e-selectin negative; and are alpha-SMA and fibronectin positive. These cells are an excellent model for studying […]

New Test Kits Available!

IVD Technologies is happy to add four new test kits to our line of products. The Anti-TG ELISA Test Kit and the Total T4 RIA Kit, as well as the Canine Thyroglobulin Auto-Antibody Test Kit and the Vet Total T4 RIA Kit have been developed and manufactured by us at […]