Contract Manufacturing


IVD Technologies has extensive experience in coating a variety of surfaces. Our experience and capabilities includes coating on hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces, covalent surfaces, microwell plates, tubes, beads, latex bead particles, magnetic beads, colloidal gold particles, microbeads, and other microparticles. We have developed and refined proprietary coating methods for each type of surface that has yielded high precision from surface to surface as monitored throughout the years.

Lateral Flow

Our capabilities include precision dispensing test and control lines and spraying onto membranes, laminating, and precision cutting. Our facility is equipped with several machines for dispensing, allowing for high throughput.


We offer lyophilization services with the capability of lyophilization for up to 30 mL bottles at thousands of bottles per cycle and can help create a lyophilization program that best suites each type of material.


Another field that we have extensive knowledge and expertise in is manufacturing reagents with consistent performance from lot to lot. We provide services for formulation of basic reagents to sterile media for cell culture. Our facility is equipped to formulate, filter, store, and keep sterile up to 2000 liters of reagent at a time.

Filling Capping Labeling

Filling capabilities include plastic and glass, vials and bottles, tubes, and various analyzer cartridges. Our machines are capable of filling, capping, and labeling up to 8000 vials or bottles a day.


Packaging capabilities include vacuum sealing and nitrogen packing.