QD-Cell™ Disposable Dialysis Cell


QD-Cell™ stands for Quantitative Dialysis Cell. It is a disposable dialysis cell that is used for the separation of free and bound hormones by equilibrium dialysis. QD-Cell™ has two compartments separated by dialysis membrane. The smaller compartment holds the serum, while the larger compartment holds the dialysis buffer. The serum and dialysis buffer are loaded into the cell by open ports on the top of the QD-Cell™. The free hormone is collected from the dialysate and can be measured by immunoassay methods. It is especially useful and has been validated for HPLC or LCMSMS sample preparation for free and unbound hormones such as thyroxine, triiodothyronine, and testosterone. Buffer for performing the equilibrium dialysis is also available.

Instruction for Use: QD-Cell Disposable Dialysis Cell PDF

QD-Cell™ provides a reliable and convenient way to prepare individual serum samples for direct measurement of free hormones and/or drugs.


  • 100% leak-free. QD-Cells are welded together to eliminate the possibility of leaking.
  • Disposable.
  • Adaptive to a variety of automated liquid handling systems as well as manual procedures.
  • Eliminates space for assembly, disassemply, and storage.
  • Eliminates the need for washing reagents.
  • Eliminate handling and preparation.
  • Reduces preparation time, minimizing labor and time required to run tests.
  • Avoids sources of error from handling and preparing.
  • Increased run to run and within run precision.
  • Avoids physical damage of membrane during application.
  • Use with Equilibrium Dialysis Buffer for easy applications.

Innovative packaging requires minimal storage space, and provides immediate access to multi-cell configurations

QD-CELL™ is also used for other sample preparations. The dialysate can be tested for the desired analyte(s) by an
y of several available analytical procedures. 

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