Vet Progesterone RIA Test Kit


The Vet Progesterone RIA Test Kit is a radioimmunoassay used for determination of progesterone in animal plasma or serum.




Undiluted samples along with standards and controls are incubated with the antibody and the tracer for 1 hour in a 37 ?C water bath in polystyrene tubes. During incubation the progesterone from the samples, standards, and controls compete for binding with the 125I-Progesterone  from the tracer to the antibody in the reaction mixture. After incubation, bound progesterone is separated from the free by adding second antibody to the mixture and centrifuging. Decant and drain  the tubes then read the tubes on a gamma counter. The level of progesterone in the samples, standards, and controls are inversely related to the level of radioactivity that is measured.


Catalog NumberPRGR-1000V-100/500
Tests per Kit100/500
Incubation / Centrifuge Time1 hr, 30 minutes