Vet PTH Coated Bead IRMA


 The PTH Coated Bead IRMA Kit is intended to be used for the quantitative determination of whole parathyroid hormone (PTH) 1-84 in feline, canine, and equine samples.


Antibody bound beads are used in a sandwich assay to capture PTH 1-84 from samples or controls. A label and a capture antibody are incubated with samples or controls for 20 + 2 hours. During incubation, the antibodies bind to the N and C terminal region of any PTH 1-84 which may be present. The beads are then washed and counted on a gamma counter. The concentration of PTH 1-84 in samples or controls is directly proportional to the radioactivity.

Procedure Overview

1) Incubate samples, controls, and standards with tracer and coated beads on shaker for 20 hours at RT.

2) Aspirate and wash beads.

3) Count tubes on gamma counter.

Catalog NumberPTH-5000V
Tests per kit100
MethodRIA Coated Bead
Incubation Time20 + 2 hours